How much does a website cost?

The bottom line | Well, No one can answer this question straight away, there is a process to estimate the total amount of a website.

First, We Listen

  • About your company / your business
  • Your target area
  • Your services or product details
  • About design, theme, colors of your preference
  • Websites you like (reference websites)
  • About the functionality you are expecting
  • Your budget


Then, We Estimate

  • About the amount of work in all the pages
  • Number of images or graphic area to edit
  • The functionality - Tools or techniques to use as per your requirements
  • Number of pages
  • website sitemap
  • Number of hours to develop
  • Our website development cost


In General a static website of 5 to 6 pages will cost around AED 3000*

* still depends on the total time frame required to develop the complete website

For More details see » Website for just AED 3000




Remember... cheap is not always good... find something in between that will guarantee you get the job and create some word of mouth. At the same time make sure it makes you some money to justify your hard work.

  • The current CMS platform
  • The scope of the site – how many unique styling elements will be required for specialty pages?
  • The perceived complexity of the re-design. Does this person want a graphical masterpiece with all kinds of bells and whistles?


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